Welcome to my minuscule corner of the Internet!  Everyone and their dog has a blog and I decided I wanted one too, dang it!  Nope, actually I have come to the realization that I am starting to forget…EVERYTHING!  Things like which year I moved to Arizona, how old I am (seriously, I always mess this one up), how amazing my Mexican vacation was last year, and what I ate for dinner three nights ago have begun to completely slip my mind.  And since, clearly these are all very important things I decided to create a space that would help me remember all the great things that come my way and reflect on all the things I wish I would have done differently.  In the 70’s they called this a diary and I think they were private and maybe even had locks, but it’s 2103 and I’m a Millennial so I’m jumping on this bandwagon and putting it out there for the world, because you know we like to talk about ourselves and how awesome we are and clearly we also enjoy run on sentences.

About canyons and cocktails

I live in Northern Arizona (think pine trees, mountains, and snow, not saguaros and 100+ weather) and spend lots of time exploring the great outdoors.  Sometimes I take off on foot, other times in a kayak, and sometimes it is on the back of my fiance because I’m scared shitless and moving myself in any direction is no longer an option.  Explorations are always better with adult beverages before, during, or after so expect a vast array of classy cocktails from PBR in a can to margaritas in mason jars to grace my posts.  When I’m not writing about adventures this blog is sure to be filled with food, fun, and philanthropy, because giving back is what the cool kids do these days.


About me

I’m your average 20 something trying to make my mark on the world while paying off student loans, planning a wedding, and doing some good along the way.  I grew up in Colorado, did my undergrad in Hastings, Nebraska, and completed my Masters at NAU in Arizona. I work in non-profit, direct a non-profit, and sit on the board of a non-profit…I guess you can say I like non-profits. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Health Psychology and spend most of my days encouraging young people to pursue health careers or leading young girls to higher self-esteem through running.  I read books like it is going out of style (is it going out of style?), have an irrational fear of birds,  L-O-V-E my little mountain town of Flagstaff with all my being, but I occasionally find myself missing cornfields and cornhuskers.

This guy!


I’m marrying this guy in October so he will probably show up here a lot.  His name is Drew, and Drew is a white water rafting guide in the Grand Canyon.  He can grow a full beard in a single day, loves puppies, and makes me brave.  He is frequently shirtless; I’m not one to complain.


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